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About a month in the year of Water Rabbit and as a warm greeting to the spring season of the year;
Say hello to Tama Usagi, The Japanese Lucky Rabbit Kyodo Gangu (folk toys)
a lucky charm that embodies wishes from each animal’s characteristics that it represents.

There are several folk tales revolve around this iconic white rabbit in Japanese culture;
the most famous one being the tale of Yuki Usagi, a white hare that lives on the moon, as
a reward of its selflessness - pounding sweet rice to make mochi treats as the winter
comes to an end.

In addition to its selflessness, the rabbit symbolizes everything going up in your life, a constant improvement,
and success - the same wishes this lucky charm embodies.
For you, that’s ready to take a leap forward, whether it’s just a small leap or as big as a leap of faith,
take this lucky charm to hold onto ;)

• Each pin comes on a backing card with metal stoppers
• Size: 3 x 4 cm
• Soft Enamel & Gold plated metal

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