Sakura (Cocoon Throw) - Sukkhacitta

IDR 2.950.000

SAKURA - Cocoon Throw

Once a year, Sakura flowers bloom. Light pink petals cast a dream, dancing in the wind. Tendering our trembling hearts.


  • Light and luxurious. One try and you'll never forget how delicate it feels on your skin. Perfect for being home, on the go, and everywhere in between. It's so essential I literally never go anywhere without it :)
  • Limited edition Sakura¬†ūüĆł¬†Once a year, our Ibus forage¬†waste banana stems and Sappan wood to create the most heart-stopping pink hues. Just like the cherry blossoms that inspire them, they grace us¬†only shortly. A reminder¬†to cherish the beauty of each day.
  • The perfect gift.¬†


SERIBU BUNGA is a reminder for hope. The forgotten Jasmine flowers were once used by mothers to pass on the Batik tradition to their daughters. Today, they bloom once more in the homes of our Ibus. Each petal a bridge between the past, the present, and the future we're building together.



HAND-DRAWN BATIK | Gesikharjo Village, East Java
STITCHED IN | Tegal Kertha Village, Bali
NATURAL DYE | Sappan wood + Banana Stem
MATERIAL | Vegan Sylk from Eucalyptus fibre
BUTTON | Mother-of-pearl from Makassar island
THREADS | Recycled Polyester 
PACKAGING | Zero-waste Pouch


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