Mask Necklace - Sukkhacitta

IDR 175.000

Mask Necklace

The cutest strap for your mask and glasses.



Your strap supports the livelihoods of women who are hardest hit in this crisis. Mothers in Medono Village, Central Java, knot each of these straps by hand so that you can bring that intent everywhere you go.


Do you know how your clothes are dyed? Everyday, toxic chemicals from synthetic dyeing is dumped into our rivers, causing 20% of the world's water pollution. That's why all of our #MadeRight piece, including this beautiful strap, is dyed only with traceable plants that we grow in our regenerative farms.

P.S. Psst.. they make the cutest sustainable gift!


LENGTH | 64cm
HAND-KNOTTED IN | Medono Village, Central Java
NATURAL DYE | SweetIndigo™
MATERIAL | 100% raw cotton
BUTTONS | Mother-of-pearl from Makassar island
CHARM | Recycled bronze


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