MACAN Home Kit: Don't Waste the Pain by Ruth Marbun

IDR 149.000

Ruth Marbun invites us to contemplate and document our journey from the past year. Within the kit are 26 pages of worksheet with guidance, designed by the artist to inspire us in connecting with our feelings and emotions in a delightful and trivia approach.

This two-dimensional time capsule enhearten each individual to embrace the importance of hope and reflection as a balance in being present. Within each page, individuals are encouraged to express it openly through drawing, scribblings and even stickers!

By preserving it safely, this flattened time-capsule can apply as a reminder; a sweet note to our future-self on how far we got through.

The kit is developed for audience aged 17 and above.

What's in the kit:

• 1 envelope
• 1 set of stickers
• 1 sticker seal
• 1 worksheet (26 pages)
• 1 blue colored marker
• 1 black colored marker
• 1 link to video tutorial by Ruth Marbun
• 1 opportunity to join a virtual group consultation with Ruth Marbun



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