SKU: JADB03834

IDR 900.000

JANI is a straight cut full-length pants with an elastic drawstring waist that ensures flexibility for a lifetime wear, no matter how much your waistline changes.

The dye used to achieve Blue color is Indigofera, which ensures a non-toxic dyeing process. The fabric is breathable and biodegradable pure cotton with tactile stripes details.

*This product is a pants, please not mistaken with JANI Top.


All Size


M fit to L

*The measurement is made in between standard M and L size.


Minimum flex 68 cm

Maximum flex 84 cm

Hips 100 cm

Length 93 cm


L fit to XL

*The measurement is made in between standard L and XL size


Minimum flex 70 cm

Maximum flex 90 cm

Hips 106 cm

Length 100 cm

How to care naturally dyed clothes:

  1. Wash with Lerak or any gentle non-detergent soap that used for washing genuine batik

  2. Wash with hands or washing machines that provide Delicate Mode

  3. Do not mix with other colors when washing

  4. Do not dry in direct sunlight

Photos and description courtesy of Jalin

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