Chambray Reversible Elbow Crop Jacket - Sukkhacitta

IDR 2.150.000

CHAMBRAY - Reversible Elbow Crop Jacket (Gender Neutral)

A timeless everyday staple with a bit of drama. Crafted from 2 layers of our signature handwoven raw cotton, it's gets softer with every wear. Works hard to protect you from transitional weather while making you feel hugged.


  • A meaningful reminder of what matters. It took our artisans 2 weeks to make your jacket. Crafted from 2,000 raw cotton threads, it reminds you of all the lives you're impacting everytime you wear it.
  • Never leave home without it. Says everyone who's ever tried it on. Warm enough against ACs but not hot, surely perfect for your travel companion. Oh, and pockets.
  • So effortless! The timeless silhouette nods to the minimalist in you. Simply throw over your favorite basic and get ready to dazzle. Best thing? It's reversible so you can choose which side you feel like today ;)


Chambray brings a sense of balance. Handwoven with raw cotton threads on the warp and naturally-dyed threads on the weft, our master weavers create the moodiest Melange hues that gets softer with time. An invitation to pare back as we reexamine our relationship with how we live, connect, and dress, in search of greater connectivity.



HANDWOVEN | Medono Village, Central Java
Tegal Kertha Village, Bali
SweetIndigo™ + Sappan wood & Banana stem
MATERIAL | 100% Raw Cotton
THREADS | Recycled Polyester 
PACKAGING | Zero-waste Pouch


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