Javanese Fruits - Limau Besar/Pamplemousse - Old East Indies Art

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Pamplemousse - Limau Besar




Berthe van Nooten


275 x 343 mm


Pamplemousse - Limau Besar

The Pamplemousse or locally called Limau Besar is a citrus fruit native to Southeast Asia. Often mistaken for the grapefruit since both were called pomelos historically, the Pamplemousse is actually one of the original parent species of many common citruses including the grapefruit. Its exterior is pale green and its flesh is often white but may be red or orange in colour. The taste is quite sweet with the distinct sharpness of citrus. Commonly eaten raw, as jams, or used in cooking, the limau besar can also be used in cosmetics and aromatherapy.

Our cardboard framed artworks are printed on art paper and framed with a paper mat. They come sealed in plastic and have a short description on the back.

Image & description courtesy of Old East Indies Art

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