Jakarta Anniversary Moving T-shirt

IDR 500.000

Night and day, the people of Jakarta tend to the swift motions of their daily grinds. It’s in this shared routine that togetherness takes form among urban dwellers, like a collective perseverance to move forward true to life in the city.

A collection inspired by city dwellers and their daily grind in Jakarta. Each design represents a motion of life in the metropole: the slow pace of our leisures, the restlessness of commuting, and moving as our only constant. Find your motion and wear it proudly.



  •   Original Artwork

  •   Relaxed Silhouette

  •   100% Cotton

  •   Durable and gains character after every wash

  •   Machine wash on gentle or delicate.

  •   Made in Jakarta, Indonesia


Body Length Back : 69cm Shoulder Width : 46.5cm Body Width : 53cm Sleeve Length : 22cm
Body Length Back : 72cm Shoulder Width : 48cm Body Width : 56cm Sleeve Length : 23cm


Body Length Back : 75cm Shoulder Width : 50cm Body Width : 60cm Sleeve Length : 24cm

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