SKU: ROFI05084

IDR 299.000

Interior Fragrance Spray works as an Eau De Toilette for the room. Suitable for freshening up your living room, toilet, and bedroom.

Available in 3 different scents:

- The Eight

A soothing distillation of sweet florals, accented with the chilly eucalyptus leaves.
This fragrance is inspired by the glasshouse structure on a rainy night.

- The Ninth

An elegant infusion of floral bouquets, enhanced with warm and sweet spices.
This fragrance is inspired by wooden paneled interior and Asian spices.

- The Tenth

A surprising and soothing combination of exotic berries, spices, and aromatic woods.
This fragrance is inspired by an exotic urban jungle.

Directions to use:
The Interior Fragrance Spray can be sprayed on the room, curtains, fabric walls, and cushions.

100 ml

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