"Corkcicle x Keith Haring People Stack" Tumbler 16 OZ

SKU: PEFD04790

IDR 959.000
from the famed artist. Haring began using New York City as his canvas, making
chalk drawings in subway stations. His art was eventually seen everywhere from
public murals and nightclubs to galleries and museums around the world.

• Triple-insulated stainless steel
• BPA free
• Slip-through shatterproof lid*
• Signature easy-grip flat sides
• Non-slip bottom
• Cup holder friendly

*Corkcicle Tumbler lids are designed to be spill-resistant so you don’t have to
worry about any major spills. However, it’s not deisgned to be completely
leak-proof. There is a tiny steam hold on the top of the slider piece, so be
sure to keep your Tumbler upright when you’re on the go.

Our Canteens on the other hand are completely leak-proof! If you’re looking for
a product you can toss in your bag with no worries, Canteen is the choice for

16oz (475 ml): 17 x 9 cm

Botol minum / Tumbler / Gelas stainless steel tahan dingin hingga 9 jam, tahan
panas hingga 3 jam. Cocok untuk air mineral, jus, smoothies, kopi, teh dan
berbagai minum es / panas lainnya.

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