MACAN Home Kit: Painting with Feelings by Citra Sasmita

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About the artist

Citra Sasmita is a contemporary artist from Bali whose work focuses on unravelling the myths and misconceptions of Balinese art and culture. She is also deeply invested in questioning a woman’s place in social hierarchy and seeks to upend normative construct of gender. While rooted in mythological thinking with Hindu and Balinese specific references, her practice involves a contemporary process of imagining a secular and empowered mythology for post-patriarchal future. Highlights in her career include being awarded as the Gold Award Winner at UOB Painting of The Year 2017, exhibited at the Biennale Jogja XV (2019) and a solo exhibition ‘Ode to the Sun’ (2020) at Yeo Workshop, Singapore. 


About MACAN Home Kit

MACAN Home Kit is a series of at-home workshops that comprise a pack of art supplies and a link to step-by-step video tutorials led by multidisciplinary Indonesian artists. Exploring different art mediums, or creative ideas and artistic processes, participants will be guided by artists to embark on their own art projects, and also have the opportunity to join a group virtual consultation session with the artists to review their projects.


How to Activate MACAN Home Kit:

1. Purchase MACAN Home Kit from our websiteshopatmacan or Tokopedia. MACAN Society members get 10% off for every purchase via shopatmacan. Click here to sign up as a member.

2. Unpack the kit and find a link to access the artist's video tutorial to guide you during your project.

3. Find all art supplies and tools you need to complete the project within the kit.

4. Join one of the virtual group consultation sessions with the artists that we organize monthly (November - December 2020) after completing your project. Our team will contact you to schedule the session.

About "Painting with Feelings by Citra Sasmita"

In this MACAN Home Kit, Citra Sasmita takes participants on a personal and emotional journey, using their feelings to paint. Included in the kit are seven Tarot-sized cards with inspirational words and images, designed by the artist to guided participants to visualize and imagine personal memories connected to objects and places.

This guided visualization process also explores a number of important philosophical ideas connected to Balinese painting, and is a starting point to create a painting that represents the person and their life journey.


The kit is developed for audience aged 17 and above.

What's in the kit:

  • 7 Tarot-sized cards to mediate visualization

  • 1 painting canvas

  • 8 bottles of colored acrylic paints

  • 6 paint brushes with different sizes

  • 1 paint palette

  • 1 link to video tutorial by Citra Sasmita

  • 1 opportunity to join a virtual group consultation with Citra Sasmita


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