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A fun and colorful read-aloud book on British artist David Hockney. Exploring Art with David Hockney traces the British artist’s creative journey and diverse use of artistic mediums. Through his time in Yorkshire and California, we discover his everlasting curiosity and innovative use of technology.


Complete your collection with the Exploring Art (2021) - Bundle of 6.


Illustrated by Sienny Septibella

© Text and Illustrations: Cinnamon Art Publishing

Published by Cinnamon Art Publishing


Length: 32 pages

Format: Hardback

Language: English


ISBN 978-981-14-7259-6

First published in 2020


This book contains original illustrations. No artwork images are reproduced.

This book is not affiliated with The David Hockney Foundation or David Hockney.


The Exploring Art collection invites young readers to open their minds to the depth and breadth of global art history. Each book explores the key concepts of an artist’s oeuvre, their inspirations and important artworks. Guiding questions, a glossary, reflections and activity pages encourage conversations between parent and child.

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