"Minggu Pagi by Michelle Sherrina" 500-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

SKU: MIFB04668

IDR 459.000
MINGGU PAGI 1997 is a 500-piece jigsaw puzzle specially designed by Sherchle for Rekarekat Puzzles’ second collection, SERI O2 – MESIN WAKTU. Puzzle pieces are packed in a paper pouch and ships inside an exclusive, reusable magnetic box.

Made from post-consumer recycled paper. Small parts not suitable for children under 3. Puzzle size is 42x57cm when completed.

Minggu Pagi 1997 is a mixtape of the pop culture staples that gave color to Sherchle’s childhood, when happiness was as simple as hanging up posters of her favorite cartoons, sipping free milk samples, and discovering new collectibles from powdery snacks.

Michelle Sherrina, also known on the Internet as Sherchle, is a Jakarta- based freelance illustrator. Having consumed numerous pun-based humor books growing up, a lot of her works begin with mixing and matching words, often resulting in an alternate reality. Her side activities include selling stickers, explaining to her grandparents what her job is, and plotting world domination.

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