Pop Art Iron On Patch - Third Drawer Down

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IDR 81.000 IDR 90.000
Third Drawer Down are proud and excited to present a new collection of accessible art products lovingly named hi art! Designed to act as bite-sized art movements to be heavily consumed and collected, the collection is both educational and affordable and acts as a fun way of introducing art to kids but also a visually exciting way for adults to gift and celebrate their favorite art movements.

The collection is made up of enamel pins, iron-on patches, post-it notes, a stamp, air freshener and stress can each separately paying tribute to surrealism, pop art, video art and contemporary art.

About Hi Art!
Hi Art! takes the museum souvenir and reinterprets it as a fun and collectable educational tool for all ages that draws out modern & contemporary art history movements, artists, design and language. The ideas that shape and influence culture become bite-sized and digestible for the curious everyday art lover.

-Iron-on patch
-5cm x 6cm (1.96" x 2.36")
-Packaging size: 7.8cm x 9.5cm (3" x 3.74")

Description and images courtesy of Third Drawer Down

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