Dumpling Pouch - Sukkhacitta

IDR 245.000

Dumpling Pouch



Cute and makes organising super easy. And keeps offcuts away from landfills. Meet the world's first life changing dumplings ;)!



  • Sustainably made. She's made from the same naturally-dyed fabric as your most meaningful clothes to minimize waste.
  • Super handy! She's the perfect size to fit your life's essentials. The 2 straps tightly secure the pouch, giving you peace of mind. Perfect as an additional compartment in your bag or carried on her own.
  • Seasonal colors. Our Ibus in Tegal Kertha village lovingly made her by hand, making each one of a kind like you <3




STITCHED IN | Tegal Kertha Village, Bali
MATERIAL | 100% MadeRight offcuts - yay!
SIZE | Each pouch measures approx. 18 x 17cm


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