"Sport Canteen" 20 Oz

SKU: SPGF05978

IDR 799.000
Activate your best hydration ever with Series A Drinkware designed to defend every sip from germs, slips, and chips and look good doing it. This collection was made to perform with an all-new, soft, yet incredibly strong DURAPRENE finish. Series A Sport Canteen features portable 20oz and heavy-hitting 32oz sizes that are great for toting to your next workout or practice, keeping things cool for 25 hours, or hot for 12. Plus, it features a new, Quick Sip Sport Lid for easy drinking on the go.

DURAPRENEFinish: Introducing our most durable finish ever, DURAPRENE. In addition to its toughness, this finish feels great too with an elegant, buttery soft-touch hand feel.

RezistCoating: Every Series A product is finished with a proprietary anti-microbial Rezist coating that works hard to keep your products as safe and free from bacteria and germs as possible while you sweat.


- Triple insulated
- Wide mouth for ice cubes
- Quick sip cap
- Strong DURAPRENEfinish


20oz (600ml) / W 8.4cm x L 8.7cm x H 27 cm / 0.6 kg

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